The $300 Billion Disconnect

Do you hear it? The aching of growling bellies?  It’s the sound of longing. So many of us yearn for more connected relationships, self-expression, spiritual growth, and meaningful work. We desire to bring our full selves to every part of our lives, especially our work, where we spend two-thirds of our time. Except…..most of us don’t recognize our hunger because the longing has become our normal. For many of us, our all-consuming jobs with endless expectations and culture of 24-7 digital connection place our personal lives are at the will of our employers. But the data is yelling at us: Our current economic structure, workplace norms, and corporate control and ultimately, our work is not only costing us big time---it’s literally killing us.

The Human Impact
Americans spend close to a third of their life working, commuting and even more time experiencing stress from work. Forbes reported in 2018 “ 78 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and with student loan debt at over $1.4 trillion, workers are struggling and it's affecting their health.” Actually, it’s killing us. Work-related stress is the 5th biggest cause of death in the United States. Yes, read that again. Death from overworking, insomnia, sedentary lifestyles, and diseases caused by stress. Studies from Deloitte’s Shift Index Survey show that 87 percent of Americans have no passion for their jobs. And yet, we wonder why employees aren’t engaged and productivity is lower than ever. We need a new model.

Sources: Business Insider, Deloitte; Dying for a Paycheck by Jeffrey Pfeffer; CNBC

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