Tonight I saw-really saw-people opening up in a vulnerable way. That was not only inspiring but also reassuring to hear that I am not the only one with similar fears, thoughts or doubts. Vulnerability and trust felt cleansing. I loved this. My call-to-action: Vulnerability isn’t so bad. Embrace it. Be true and see where it takes me.
— Love Fest Boston Participant

In blizzard conditions,  50 entrepreneurs and artists gathered for the first official Love Fest at the Love Shack in Brooklyn New York in 2018.  A massage therapist, a live painter and an intimate environment welcomed participants as they were invited to feast on local cuisine. First gathering in a circle, every voice was brought into the space and Lori Hanau guided the group through personal reflection. The rest was magic: groups gathering to imagine and design their most loving workplaces; five, local social entrepreneurs took the stage to share a moment about how they chose Love in business; followed by vocal meditation and a collective art experience.

Love Fest Pop-Ups

A more condensed version of our Love Fests, Love Pop-Ups are ideal for breakout sessions at a conference or a staff meeting, for example, and are designed to meet your programming needs. From 60 to 90 minutes we host an abbreviated experience of our signature Love Fests.

Love Fest BROOKLYN in Partnership with Social Venture Circle

In partnership with Social Venture Circle, Love Fest Brownsville brought together 120 serial entrepreneurs, impact investors, artists and community members to co-create a new economy based on abundance and love. Hosted by The Brownsville Community Culinary Center, a nonprofit who provides culinary training skills and employs local residents, we shared a three-course feast and enjoyed music from local band, Cuzins’ the Band, followed by our Love Journey.

The Love-Making:

  • Feasting on artful cuisine inspired by the history of the African Diaspora and the chefs at Brownsville Community Culinary Center. The dinner catered to all diets including plant-based, gluten-free and vegan. Dishes are frequently prepared from produce grown in Brownsville.

  • Mindfulness & Collective Grounding guided by Meta Facilitator, Lori Hanau of Global Round Table Leadership

  • Live Music, Film, Voice Mediation and Collective Live Art by The Love Yourself Project

  • Heart Connection, Love Offerings, and Networking Building

The Love Fest was one of the most powerful and moving events we’ve ever had at the Brownsville Community Culinary Center. It was transformative. Our students who worked at the event still talk about it. It was incredible to work with The Love Economy Team and from the event, we’ve made a lot of other connections.
— LaToya Meaders, Director of Catering and Events, BCCC