The Love Economy is focused on supporting the personal growth and spiritual awakening of impact leaders, changemakers and their organizations. Business can be a platform for internal and external work, as we “seek to “be the change we wish to make in the world.” Every Love Economy experience is an invitation to practice “being” the change with an open heart alongside a community. We partner with corporations, nonprofits, conferences, festivals, and anywhere people gather to create authentic experiences that leave a lasting impact for both individuals and their collectives. The Love Economy gatherings custom-designed, produced and then co-hosted by the Love Economy Team. We work closely with our partners to co-create the gathering so it best serves the audience.

Experience the Love.


Full-Service Production

We organize the logistics and manage the details. From the invitations, space, artists, food, set-up, and clean-up, our team is highly-skilled at curating intimate and large-scale gatherings. We have a track record of working seamlessly with the local partners to orchestrate an experience that reflects the essence of the local community. Hiring local artists and sourcing local food is an example of this touch.  We also seek to make our experiences zero-waste.

Program Design

The inclusive and skilled facilitation based on a framework of Shared Leadership shape the content of our Love Journeys. From 90 minutes to 3 hours, we invite your team into a circle, to put aside roles and titles and guide them through a Love Journey based on Love for Self, Love for Work, and Love in our Community.

Capturing the Magic

Documentarian, impact storyteller and Director Greg Hemmings and his team Hemmings House Pictures support Love Economy experiences with full content production. With your permission, we capture our events and photography and film options are available add-ons to any event.

Tonight I saw—really saw—people opening up in a vulnerable way. It was reassuring to hear I am not the only one with similar fears, thoughts, or doubts. Vulnerability and trust felt cleansing. I loved this.
— Love Fest Boston Participant