For The Transformation Of Self & Society: Igniting The Heart of Business

For the transformation of self & society

Igniting the heart of business



The Love Economy Movement is an invitation for all of us: to build a new model of business, work culture, trade, power, of wealth and prosperity. It starts with our inner beings. Call it soul, heart, spirit, emotional intelligence or practice of mindfulness. As we set our focus on generosity, compassion, loving-kindness, grace, and forgiveness, the fruit is healthy workplaces; equal wealth opportunities for all people; a healing environment; democratic structures; and thriving, vibrant people and communities.

Our economy offers us an opportunity for profound transformation, awakening and personal growth. We invite you to join us to explore your most open-hearted, free and radiant self-- and your business as a community of practice of Love.


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The Love Economy in Practice

Cheering and dancing as you greet your new colleagues, anyone?

When SunCommon, New England’s largest solar company purchased a smaller firm they set the intention to merge the two organizations in authentic Love. And they made the local news for it.

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